KAFEN 沐浴乳系列 760ml
KAFEN 沐浴乳系列 760ml
KAFEN 沐浴乳系列 760ml
KAFEN 沐浴乳系列 760ml

KAFEN 沐浴乳系列 760ml

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花漾柔情沐浴乳(粉色)【EXP: 05/4/2024】

春天森林沐浴乳(蓝色)【EXP: 25/2/2024】

【Kafen Moisturizing Shower Gel 760ml】(White)

  • Rose and jasmine fragrance
  • Fine skin texture
  • Maintain flexibility
  • Gentle conditioning
  • Moisturize skin

The elastin of rose and jasmine adjusts the feminine fragrance. Let the fragrance lead to your pink happiness. It refines skin texture and pores, maintains elasticity, and maintains youthful vitality of your skin, gentle conditioning, moisturizing the skin, and refreshing fragrance to make the skin hydrated and vigorous.

【Kafen Flower Tenderness Shower Gel 760ml】(Pink)

  • Good foaming oil-water balance
  • Keep refreshing and moisturizing
  • Rich in minerals and vitamins
  • Promote skin metabolism
  • Conditioning and repairing translucent and meticulous

The low-key and elegant floral fragrance makes people feel as if they are immersed in the flowers. The soft touch of each petal, after the breeze blows, exudes endless woman's throbbing, showing the natural and soft feeling. Moisturizing and moisturizing can effectively regulate the balance of oil and moisture, and achieve the effect of maintenance while cleaning.

【Kafen Spring Forest Shower Gel 760ml】(Blue)

  • Refined from plant extracts
  • Improve moisturizing effect
  • Rich protein and vitamins
  • Nourish and tighten skin
  • Protective layer prevents moisture loss

The natural freshness of spring and summer, infused with the fragrance of flowers, the fragrance locks the skin layer by layer, and the charm of low-key blooming wherever you go. Simple and clean oriental floral fragrance, infused with the freshness and elegance of the spring forest. The bath exudes a fresh and natural floral fragrance in spring and summer, with some musky finish at the end. The refreshing white floral scent is suitable for spring and summer use.

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