KAFEN 何首乌染护系列 400ml
KAFEN 何首乌染护系列 400ml
KAFEN 何首乌染护系列 400ml
KAFEN 何首乌染护系列 400ml

KAFEN 何首乌染护系列 400ml

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功效:洗发染发all in one,清洁洗发的同时达到上色效果,独家奈米颜色泡沫完美将颜色精华渗透发丝,温和植研萃取配方,蕴含丰富营养的何首乌、荷荷芭蜡油,染后不毛躁,独特的瓶身设计比例,简单又方便让染发变得超轻松。

- 无需每天使用,有达到上色效果后就可以换回日常洗发精清洗,待白发长出或是需要补色再使用即可。


Independent bottle design, shampoo and dye all in one, completely separate the shampoo and dye, effectively prevent the herbal essence from being oxidized, and press both sides of the pressure head at the same time when using, the optimal proportion of shampoo can be automatically dispensed And dye extrusion.

· Cleans and shampoos while achieving coloring effect
· Exclusive nano color foam perfectly penetrates the color essence into the hair
· Polygonum multiflorum rich in nutrition, precious jojoba wax oil
· No frizz after dyeing, mild plant research extract formula
· No pungent taste, light floral and fruity fragrance
· The unique bottle design has two designs (polygonum multiflorum dye + shampoo).
· The ratio adjustment design combines shampoo + hair dye to achieve the best effect in use

【How to use】

1.Wear gloves before use to avoid uncomfortable feeling when the shampoo is in contact with the skin for too long.

2. Just like the daily shampooing steps, let the foam stay on the hair for 5-10 minutes before rinsing off (can be adjusted according to the degree of absorption of personal hair).

3. There is no need to use it every day. After the coloring effect is achieved, you can switch back to the daily shampoo and wash it. You can use it when the gray hair grows or when you need to replenish the color.

【Color Selection Suggestions】

(Black) full head white

(Black 1: Brown 1) Too much gray hair and don't want to be too black

(Brown 1: Black 0.5) Natural hair color


· Because the product contains a small amount of dye, those who are prone to scalp allergies (prone to redness, swelling, itching, burning, etc.), it is recommended to evaluate before purchasing.

· In the process of washing Polygonum multiflorum, please wipe off the foam on the face and hands before it is dry, so as to avoid it will be difficult to wipe off after the dye is dry.

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