RUIJIA Quarter Daily Care Collagen (28 Sachets) 四韵日记生活保养手札 (28条)

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  • 日本Nippi百年胶原大厂,品质保证 (厂商获得日本医药品制造许可证 ISO9001:2008)
  • 8次转化酵素水解的3000-5000DA小分子(服用后30分钟直接被身体吸收)
  • 美国营养期刊报导为最好吸收的分子量
  • 全天然 O糖 O脂肪 O香料 O添加
  • 通过国际SGS认证、无激素、无荷尔蒙
  • 孕妇、哺乳妈妈只要对产品成分无过敏都可以服用
  • 不必担心会发胖,全天然成分不带给身体负担
  • 3000mg鱼类胶原蛋白+500mg复方成分精准保养


【蓝色】优质纯净胶原蛋白粉:结合动植物蛋白质来源,以最经济实惠的价格,让小资族可以作为最基础日常保健的选择。 >基础保养,紧实肌肤,保湿亮肌<

【绿色】赛洛美润感胶原蛋白粉:如其名,希望提升润感,特别适合冬季、换季时作为基础保养,或与男友约会前的急救保养。让妳摸得出差异感。 >16倍保湿锁水,关节润泽<

【粉色】专利玫瑰多酚胶原蛋白粉:添加维生素C、玫瑰多酚,还原好气色,让你渐渐恢复素颜的自信力。 >高效美白提亮抗氧化<

【黄色】蜂王胜肽新生胶原蛋白粉:添加蜂王精萃,『蜂』润好光采。属于熟女级的奢华保养。 >全方位抗老化内外调理<

每天1包Ruijia胶原粉基础保养 或 每天2包Ruijia胶原粉深度修复




RUIJIA using new technology from Nippi's Japan. Through 8 time of enzymatic hydrolysis collagen (3000-5000 Dalton). Low molecular fish collagen is the most bioavailable type of collagen, so it can be absorbed more efficiently.


Simplicity of ingredients, all are made from nature, Nothing artificial or synthetic.

- 3000mg of Hydrolsed fish collagen

- 500mg of compound nutrition

❌ No Colouring   ❌ No Preservatives   ❌ No Refined Sugar   ❌ No Fats


[Basic Pure BLUE] -  Hydrolysed fish colagen peptides & soy protein isolate. Increases the ability of the skin to hold moisture and provides a smoothing effect for minimizing roughness. Improves skin health, helps hair shine and elasticity, and reduces calcium loss.

[Hydrating GREEN] - 16 times Moisturizing and joint support. Contain corn extract ceramides, help to moisturise and strengthen the protective skin barrier, and protect the skin from external aggressors. Prevent dryness and irritation.Helps muscle growth and reproductive function.

[Whitening Rose PINK] -  Contain Rose Extract Polyphenols & Barbados cherry. Rich in vitamin C. It could inhibits melanin production, improve acne caused by inflammation and oxidative stress, protects cells from free radical damage, reduces allergic reactions, accelerate wound healing, and the best treatment for scars. It also a great choice to prevent and improve dark circle under eyes.

[Anti aging YELLOW] - Contain Premium Royal Jelly (estrogen Free). Improve immunity, Reduce symptoms of aging, Reduce wrinkles, Improve osteoporosis, Accelerate metabolism, Relieve menopausal symptoms, and Inhibit inflammation.


How to drink

Take 1-2 sachets per day

Rip off packing and pour powder into mouth or simply dissolve it into a glass of water or juice. Drinks temperature should be controlled at 15-40 degrees.

For better absorption, we recommend taking it on an empty stomach in the morning or at night before bed.